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How Local Business Owners Fell Into The Client Trap
And How I Got 300% More Clients with Almost NO Hassles!

  • Get ready for the “Quality Over Quantity ” Offline Marketing System.
  • Focus on a small number of decision makers and make sure we have their KEY DETAILS.
  • Send messages that are Unique and Powerful that set you apart in the prospects eyes and inbox and compel them to respond.
  • Have business owners blowing up your phones for help each week.
  • I developed a formula to send out the correct emails that got RESULTS…opens, calls, appointments And paid.

Imagine The POWER you’ll Have when you can literally land clients at will…WITHOUT spending a ton of money and No frustration.


Would you like to start getting more SEO gigs? Then this is for you. Most business owners knows the killer word, SEO and no matter how many times they have been burned with other crazy marketers, you will have them saying yes.

Social Media

Are you more comfortable with Social Media? Learn how to Use our ninja foot in the door kick with large businesses who need some Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or YouTube presence.


Branding is the foundation of being a offline consultant. We will teach you how to revive your look. Turn heads before you even set up the meeting… Learn how to get 5-star credentials that will get you into any door. Get real authority that will impress any business today.

Video Ranking

Every business needs video on their website to sell better and rank higher in Google too. If you sell video, local commercials, or animations, this system will find you businesses missing exactly what you can provide and getting them to say yes.

Circle of Leads

With The Client Trap fighting in your corner, you’ll never be without a ready supply of hot THE HOTTEST prospects… which means one of the biggest hurdles to your business growth (that most business stutter and fall at) has just been removed… for good.

Weekly Training

Mastermind training with Special guest appearance. (No pitching, pure content). Hot seat-Be a guest on the training and let us help you. Get Exposed to our business Artist who will help design your business and much more.


My Simple Client Acquisition Strategy That Is Making my Company Thousands of Dollars A Day (Passively + Never Have To Find Another Local Client Ever Again Secret System.)

  • Generate Hundreds Of New Profitable Business Partners (Not Leads) Daily
  • Finally Start Hearing “YES” From Local Business Owners Every Week
  • Spend $50 On Ads and Make $500+ Back With Our Ninja Method
  • Organically Get Hundreds Of Referrals on autopilot
  • Build A 5 to 6 Figure Per Month Offline Business.
  • Get 80-90% Open Rates From Cold Emails
  • The Secret Weapon Behind Almost Every 7 Figure Offline Business

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Our Million Dollar Discovery

After testing the standard approach to prospecting, I discovered what most offline marketers are doing… just doesn’t work.


  •  My team dug into EVERY nook and cranny of marketing Prospecting.
  •  I researched what was working for anyone –  NOT just offline marketers
  •  I tested and observed results (our own and others)
  •  We refined our approach to make it easier and faster
  •  I continued to fine tune and test RIGHT UP TO THIS very moment, so nothing is outdated! Ever..


What Our Customers Are Saying

When I started out selling my Barbecue, it was tough and I hated it. Lem knew how to get me moving fast and with being one of the small guys on the block, it did not help at all. When I reached out to Lem for help, that changed everything. I learned how to go and find business owners who were looking for my services and offered them something unique and that’s when I started to create more funds to buy more equipment to work less days then the other so called Bar-b-Q kings in my area. they have to work all day every day, why I only spend 24 hours a week doing my business. thanks Lem

George E.Pitmaster, BlueStripe

I pay Lem, way too much money each month to keep my web presences alive each month.I get phone calls from sales people all the time claiming they can do what Lem has done, but the truth is, they have no idea what he is worth to my Company. Doing business with him is exciting. We are doing things together that is making my business grow and I am so glad to have him as a business partner. the new video system has made me money with other companies and this happen simply because we started asking other businesses to do things that were never done before and we are all getting paid now. I love his staff and I will always send him business, simply because he wants me to sin in my area. Lem you rock brother.

Luis S.

My English is not that good so please excuse me. So I met Lem online and found his info on the internet. I was looking for help to get more customers and before I knew it, he had my saying yes to all of his packages that would help my business run better. The one thing I can remember the most from him was, my job was to custom paint cars and his job was to bring in customers. He was so right. When I started focuses on what I did best, that’s when we started to bring in more profit. Lem knows how to make an owner feel comfortable when talking about services. So glad he is my business partner too.

Jaun R.Custom Cars and Paint

The Client Trap is for those who are looking for clients who need you now. Even if they don’t need you now, he has a system that will have them begging you to help them after all is said and done. I hate talking with Clients because I don’t like rejection. What this system does is make you retune your thinking on how to run a business and how to access clients the right way. I have tried many of those so called push button systems to get leads and clients, but it’s all smoke and mirrors, you need something real to get Clients and the client trap is the way.

Malcolm J.Marketing Consultant

See what Mark D. has to say about this system.

  • Command a response from a business owner .
  • Focus on a small companies who needs your service..
  • Get results with a combination of email and Facebook.
  • Never again be afraid to tell people about your business.
  • Steal my exact Strategy on getting paid fast.

Let’s Hear From Mark C and see why he is excited for The Client Trap system.

  • Knowing how to ask the right questions to profits.
  • Being the only Expert in town that matters
  • Learn how to gain instant Authority..
  • Never again chase Clients for business.
  • Make the most amount of income with a small group of Clients.

Take A Sneak Peek At One Of My Email Scripts That Has Made My Business Over $70k From Using This Exact Simple Method Over And Over Again.

  • Send Unique Emails That Get Response.
  • Have prospect chasing you for business.
  • Keeping The Potential Client Interested in more services.
  • Never Again Send Pointless Emails With No Responses.
  • Setting Up The Meeting Online Or Offline Fast.

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